How Premier assures premier vendor performance.

In our business, no single factor is more important than assuring residents are satisfied. Yet the needs of any community are so diverse, and so far-ranging, that there’s no way one company can handle it all. That’s why the principals of Premier Management Associates have always placed such a strong emphasis on building a network of proven and qualified vendors.

Over our many years in the property management field, we have developed a comprehensive selection of professional engineers, tradesmen, contractors, technology experts, and consultants who have proven their abilities on the job time and time again.

Yet as much as we have established a strong foundation of trust with our resources, we know that the quality of every job must be monitored, tracked and recorded in order to assure our vendors deliver an exceptionally high standard of service.

For that reason, we have invested heavily in tracking vendor performance. In fact, upon receiving the approval of several of our clients, we recently filmed and evaluated high-rise roof work using drone technology. Our work order system effectively documents all work requests, and allows for instant access to record and retrieve any or all maintenance service requests at any time. The ongoing log of these activities is delivered every month to your board as part of our management package.

Over the course of the past 40 years, the people of Premier Management Associates have developed bid specifications for almost every possible project relating to physical or mechanical plans, and we also have a host of engineering and technology experts to draw from.

Through our experience, we can secure the best contractors at the best value for your association’s dollars. Through our quality control system, we make sure they continue to deliver the high standard of satisfaction on which our success depends.