Our Monthly Management Report provides your Board of Directors with detailed information on all transactions and activities, in both spreadsheet and graphic formats. These reports are delivered on a monthly basis to keep your Board fully informed, no matter if your association meets monthly, quarterly or semi-annually. Here are some examples of the many ways that our staff communicates with our clients’ boards:

  • New Board Member Package – All new board members will receive a package which includes the past six months of Board Meeting Minutes, Management Reports and Financials. Additionally, we do an orientation session to bring new members up to speed on all issues.
  • Committee Involvement – In our opinion, committees are an asset to association operations and can be very effective when motivated and used appropriately. We recommend that our committee guideline package should be given to each of your community’s committees, and that the point person for the committees should be the property administrator, who will be responsible for organizing and distributing all committee information.
  • Management Report and Agenda – Each month, approximately 3-5 days before the board meeting, we provide the board with an extensive management report including past (resolved) issues, current issues and future needs as well as an agenda for the upcoming meeting.

Logs and Status Reports – Your board will receive a delinquency report, violation log, work order report, and other pertinent information on a regular basis. The board will also receive a copy of our action list, which is generated after each board meeting. Should your board desire a unique or custom format for receiving information, we are certain we can accommodate your needs.

  • Meeting Minutes – Minutes of all board meetings are provided no more than five business days after the meeting. A permanent set of minutes is kept in a “Minute Book” at all times.
  • Communication – An effective open forum to voice concerns and explore solutions is always available to the board. Our management will communicate with your officers and directors on a regular basis, keeping the board informed as to all activities.

We’re ready to talk with you about the services and communications your board requires. Talk with us at 201-947-1001 or email us today.