Our dedication to resident communications is based on a very simple truth that has proven itself time and again over our years of experience. That is: a well-informed community promotes harmony, preserves property value, and makes your community a highly desirable place to live.

Responsive service is another hallmark of the Premier Management approach. Our emergency service allows for owners, residents and related professionals to contact us whenever our expertise, resources or service is needed. In fact, we guarantee a response to any emergency call within minutes of the time the call is made.

All correspondence, including announcements, special notices, rules and regulations and other matters are delivered to your residents in the manner they prefer, either digitally or on paper.

Premier Management Associates provides an extensive variety of ways to keep your residents connected with what’s happening in and around your community. These ongoing communications include:

Correspondence – Special notices, rules and regulations, and announcements of items affecting your association are created and delivered to unit owners and residents promptly and efficiently. For simple questions, verbal responses are often sufficient to handle the matter. However, issues that require being handled in writing are tracked and stored in the unit owner’s file. The manager has the expertise to answer questions concerning building rules and regulations, resale procedures, etc. as well as handling complaints quickly and effectively.

Questions to Management – Management will answer all questions presented by home owners in a courteous and professional manner. Any questions which cannot be answered by the manager or administrator may need to be presented to the board or to one of the association’s professionals. In any event, a professional response will be provided to the homeowner promptly. Our approach is to be ‘proactive’ rather than ‘reactive’ whenever possible.

Status Reports and Issue Resolution – Solving condominium-related problems is exactly what we do, be they in the physical, financial or administrative areas. When the board deems it appropriate, residents will be notified of what actions will or have been taken.

Response to Accounting Inquiries – The manager has the capability to respond promptly to both verbal inquiries and written requests. Additionally, our office personnel can answer many types of questions regarding unit account ledgers.

 Investigation of Requests – Thorough investigation of requests is performed in order to address and resolve each individual issue in a prompt and businesslike manner.

Ownership Transfer – The community manager monitors transfers of ownership and is responsible for informing both buyer and seller of their obligations in such areas as application requirements, fees and moving procedures.

Welcome Package – To properly integrate new members into the community and assure those leaving a smooth transition, a new “Welcome Package” is supplied including rules and regulations, common procedures, community information, etc.

Web site access – We provide you with a custom community website designed for sharing information, educating homeowners and communicate all important information to your community in real time.

Experience the convenience of these online resident services: