Let’s face it, the reputation of your community rests largely on how well your services are delivered. That’s what retains current residents and attracts new ones. In our business, our reputation depends on delivering those services with an unsurpassed level of quality, responsiveness and cost-efficiency.

Over our many years in the property management field, we have developed a comprehensive selection of professional engineers, tradesmen, contractors, technology experts, and consultants who have proven their abilities on the job time and time again.

We have invested heavily in tracking vendor performance. Over the course of the past 40 years, the people of Premier Management Associates have developed bid specifications for almost every possible project relating to physical or mechanical plans, and we also have a host of engineering and technology experts to draw from.

Through our experience, we can secure the best contractors at the best value for your association’s dollars. Through our quality control system, we make sure they continue to deliver the high standard of satisfaction on which our success depends.

Discover how the Premier approach to vendor management can work for your community. Call 201-947-1001 or email us today.