Communications and your community.

That’s why Premier Management Associates offers so many ways to keep your residents aware of what’s going on. We can send out newsletters, scheduled notices, special announcements, and individual messages via email, text messages and/or paper, depending on each unit owner’s preference. We provide customized community websites with content and imagery created specifically for your association.

Our dedication to resident communications is based on a very simple idea: the more people know about what’s being done for them in their community, the more involved and enthusiastic they’ll feel about living there.

Through our years in association management, we have seen that a well-informed community promotes harmony, preserves property value, and contributes greatly to making your community a highly desirable place to live.

We also offer a host of services your residents can perform online or via our mobile app, including:

  • Confirm move in or move out
  • List a property for sale or rental
  • Authorize documents via eFax and eSignature
  • Create and track work requests
  • Reserve facilities
  • Manage pet and vehicle records
  • Obtain insurance certification
  • View memos, procedures and practices online

Plus, we are very accessible. Our community managers or their representatives are always on call. Our emergency service allows for owners, residents and related professionals to contact us whenever our expertise, resources or service is needed. In fact, we pledge that when anyone calls our offices, they will either speak with a real person immediately, or receive a call back from someone they can talk to within minutes of the call. No “Push 1 for this department” or “Push 2 for that.” We know we’re in the people business, so we make sure we have real people on our end of the line.

Read more about our unique brand of Resident Communications here.  Or communicate with us directly by phone at 201-947-1001 or email us today.