Plan on satisfied residents with our management plan.

There are all kinds of reasons a community board might decide to switch to a new associations management firm. Most of them probably wouldn’t surprise you. In our experience, the top 5 are:

  1. Seeking faster response to requests and emergencies
  2. Better communications with residents and the board
  3. Improved quality and accessibility to important and usable information
  4. Better leadership in addressing issues and suggesting solutions
  5. Greater ability to manage vendors and hire resources who know how your facility works

These are the qualities on which the people at Premier Management Associates have built our reputation. And we believe our ability to deliver on them is one big reason over 90% of our clients are return customers.

Still, there’s one other benefit we offer which clearly makes us different from every other company out there: our Management Plan. In simple terms, it’s a check-down list of every issue you have and every goal you want addressed. And it couldn’t happen, if we didn’t start out by listening to you, and learning what’s most important to you and your residents.

But more important, it’s not just a wish list. The Premier Management Plan is a custom-tailored, strategic document that spells out what you want done, what your priorities are, how and when each item will be addressed, and what the associated costs will be. Plus, it’s flexible, and it’s built and designed with your input leading the way.

Does your association have a management plan that addresses your community’s most critical needs and desired goals?
Would you like to learn about the difference it can make in resident satisfaction?
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